Privacy policy

Privacy Policy according to art. 13 of the Legislative Decree 196/03

Dear User,

we would like to inform you that your Personal Data will be used by MIRIADE S.p.A. and will be communicated to other companies, fully respecting the fundamental principles required by:

• directive 95/46/CE from the European Parliament concerning the protection of natural people about the process and circulation of personal data;
• directive 97/66/CE concerning the protection of privacy in telecommunications;
• directive 97/07/CE and Legislative Decree 185/99 concerning the protection of customers in long distance contracts;
• directive 00/31/CE concerning the electronic commerce;
• Legislative Decree n. 196 of the 30th June 2003 “Code concerning the protection of Personal Data” ;
• Legislative Decree 70/2003 concerning the electronic commerce.


Following, we recap all the operations we make involving the collection, the preservation or elaboration of your Personal Data, and related purposes.
a. Collection and preservation of your Personal Data in order to provide you MIRIADE S.p.A. service and to provide to the judicial authority the information required;
b. Processing of Personal data provided and the ones we gather during your online navigation, based on the process better explained in the general conditions of service, in order to define your business profile;
c. Use of your business profile from MIRIADE S.p.A. with marketing and promotional MIRIADE S.p.A. own purposes
d. Collection, preservation and elaboration of your Personal Data with administrative – accounting purposes, including the potential trasmission by e-mail of commercial invoice;
e. Communication of your business profile to partner companies with marketing and promotional MIRIADE S.p.A. own purposes;
f. Use of your business profile from MIRIADE S.p.A. with marketing and promotional purposes for third parts

Procedure of Processing

The process will occure in a totally automated procedure that will let us detect the commercial habits that the customer has during his online visit.


The provision of agreement to process personal data given for purposes described at points (a), (b), (c), (d) is mandatory. In case of denying the agreement we will not be able to provide you the services of MIRIADE S.p.A. and those of the sites related to it. Whereas, in case of denying the agreement for purposes at point (e) and (f), there will not be any effect.


Art. 7 legislative decree 196/03 (Rights of the person involved)

1. In relation to the process of Personal Data, the person involved has the right to have a confirmation of the potential existence of his/her personal data, even if they are not been registered yet, moreover the person involved has also the right to ask the communication in an intelligible way .

2. The person involved has the right to have information about:

a. the origin of the data;
b. the purpose of the process;
c. the logic of the process;
d. the identifying information about the Owner and the Managers of the process;
e. the subjects to whom data can be delivered.

3. The person involved has also the right:

a. to update, adjust or complete the collected data;
b. to cancel, turn anonymous or block the processed data violating the law, including the ones that are not necessary to be saved in relation with the purposes they were collected or processed later;
c. to have a demostration that all the operations above were explained to those involved in the data communication or diffusion, except the case that it is impossible or it involves an amount of time and effort too big than the right itself.

4. The person involved can also take position fully or partially:

a. because of legitimate reasons against the process of his/her personal data even if they are related to their collection;
b. against the process of his/her personal data regarding the dispatch of advertising materials.


The Owner of the process is MIRIADE S.p.A. based in Piazza dei Martiri, 30 – 80121 NAPLES- phone. 081/8266701

Registry Office where the company is recorded : NAPLES

Number of record : 03371431218

Shared and paid-up capital : 1.369.200,00

P.I. : 07631370637

PEC : [email protected]
The potential petitions according the art.7 of the legislative decree 196/03 have to be sent to the same address.


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