A) Addressee of Fidelity Card.
The Fidelity Card is exclusively reserved for MIRIADE S.p.A. (following named as“MIRIADE”) customers.
B) What Fidelity Card is.
The Fidelity Card, following named as “Card”, gives his owner the ability to take part at fidelity programs and all campaigns promoted in all MIRIADE Stores. The Card is nominative. The owner has the right to have only one Card and he/she must use the card only for personal and non commercial use.
C) Card emission.
The Card can be released by MIRIADE retail stores, after the customer has fully and correctly filled in the submission form.
D) Loss, damage and Card theft.
In case of loss, dagame or Card theft, the Owner has to immediately give communication to the store that, after verifiying the Owner’s data, will cancel and substitute the previuos Card with a new Card that will be charged, according with technical timing, with all collected and unused benefits.
E) Fidelity Card Campaigns

The Discount Campaign gives to Card’s Owner the chance to have an immediate discount at the achievement of a certain level of spending.
Case 1 – Level of spending between € 75,00 and € 100,00
The Card’s Owner that reaches a spending limit between € 75,00 and € 100,00 has the right to have an immediate 10% discount off his/her purchase.
Case 2 – Level of spending greater than € 100,00
The Card’s Owner that reaches a spending limit greater than € 100,00 has the right to have a an immediate 15% discount off his/her purchase. In case of changing the products purchased with one of the discounts, the spending limit will be calculated on the substituted products. If the new spending limit falls in one of the 2 cases above, the Card’s Owner has the right to have the related discount. The discount can not be combined with other active commercial promotions at the moment of shopping. In case of coexsistance of the Card discount and a commercial promotion, MIRIADE will garantee the best discount possible to the Card’s Owner. During Sales established by regional law, the discount Campaign will be available only for the purchases of products not in sale.
All purchases made using the Card will feed a balance spending. If during the 365 days following the subscription of the Card, the balance spending reaches € 750,00, the Card’s Owner becomes a VIP CUSTOMER for the next 365 days. The VIP CUSTOMER has the following benefits:
1. A € 75,00 bonus to be used for a purchase in one of the MIRIADE stores. The Bonus is represented by a nominative Coupon that the customer will receive by mail at the address he/she has written in the subscription form. If the Bonus does not fully cover the purchase, the remaining cost of the purchase has to be paid according the payment methods accepted by the store, otherwise if the purchase is minor than the Bonus, the customer will receive a new Coupon with the remaining Bonus, to be used for his/her next purchases in the same store. Once used, the Coupon has to be delivered to the store. The use of the Coupon does not increase the balance spending. During the 365 days the Card’s Owner is a VIP CUSTOMER, he/she has the right to just get one single Bonus. Once this period expires, the Card’s Owner will become a VIP CUSTOMER after achieving a balance spending of € 750,00 or more.
2.A 20% discount to be used for a single purchase in the following 7 days after his/her brithday.
F) Promotion and marketing Notice.
The Card’s Owner will get notice, by SMS and/or by e-mail, of commercial promotions and marketing initiatives available at MIRIADE stores. It is assumed that the telephone number and the e-mail address are the ones specified in the subscription form by the Card’s Owner.
Final Notes
The Guidelines above are also available in every Miriade store and online at
The Card’s Owner can ask for more information at the following e-mail address: [email protected]


Information about processing personal data (art. 13 D.Lgs. 196/2003) Given that:
MIRIADE S.p.A. protects the personal data of all people involved, according D.Lgs. 196/2003 about privacy,.MIRIADE S.p.A. wants to promote same promotional offers, fidelity programs and maket surveys in order to better satisfy its customers’ needs, varying and caring more and more about the products; MIRIADE S.p.A. is willing, according to all applicable laws, to respect the privacy of every single person involved in this Policy; MIRIADE S.p.A. will exclude all the people who clearly deny their agreement; given all that, MIRIADE S.p.A. would like to give the following report and application for agreement for processing personal data (following named as “data”): 1. Type of data asked for agreement. The asked data are those identifying the person (name, surname, telephone number, e-mail, address, etc.) .
2. Purpose of processing personal data. The processing of personal data aimes to commercial activities and market suverys above described..
3.Procedure of data processing. a) The processing of data follows the operations explained at the art. 4 comma 1 lett. a) del D.Lgs. 196/2003. b) Processing operations can be carried out using both paper and electronic forms, always protecting safety and privacy of the data, according to art. 31 and followings of the D.Lgs. 196/2003, and being allined to the purposes described above.
c) The processing of data is made by MIRIADE S.p.A. and/or by those authozied for the processing. d) MIRIADE S.p.A., settled at lnterporto Campano, Lotto C, A19/21 80035 Nola (NA), adopted the minimum required security measures expected by the Law about protection of personal data and technical specification.
4. Provision of data. The provision of data is elective.
5. Data diffusion. Data can be available to those in charge of the processing and they can also be conveyd exclusively to those subjects to whom the communication of data is mandatory according to law or necessary for the purposes described at point n.2 and above.
6. Rights of person involved. The art. 7 of the D.Lgs. 196/2003 gives the person involved some specific rights, among them there is the right to get from MIRIADE S.p.A. the confimation of the presence of their personal data in its database and the right to turn data intelligible; the person involved has the right to know the origin of the data, the purposes and procedure of the processing and the subjects that can have communication about the data; the person involved has also the right to update, rectify and complete the data, he/she can also ask to delete, make anonymous or block his/her data according the violation of the law; the person involved has the right to take position against processing of data, for legitimate reasons.
7. Title Holder of the Processing . The Title Holder of the processing of data is MIRIADE S.p.A. settled at lnterporto Campano, Lotto C, A19/21 80035 Nola (NA) .